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Lee Chapel Floors work closely with leading luxury vinyl tile manufacturers to ensure comfort, quality and durability in every flooring installation. There are hundreds of modern and traditional designs of LVT to choose from, with different wood types and shades to give an incredibly realistic feel and appearance. Luxury Vinyl Tile is a cost effective and hard wearing product, that works perfectly over underfloor heating, and is also a great insulator for both heat and sound.

LVT is suitable for all rooms types in the home, including bathrooms and wet rooms, kitchens, and the realistic, homely design styles make it a great choice for general living and lounging areas too.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats is LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)?
Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is as an easy to maintain high-performance floor covering that has the look and feel of its natural counterparts, be it wood, stone or any abstract material. Available in multiple tile and plank formats, To begin with, here is some vinyl flooring terminology you should know:
  • Vinyl flooring – A synthetic flooring material made from a combination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and additives like plasticizers, known for its durability, moisture resistance and variety of patterns.
  • Luxury vinyl – A higher quality form of tile vinyl that offers the durability and moisture resistance of traditional vinyl flooring but accurately mimics the appearance of natural materials like wood and stone through the use of realistic patterns and textures.
  • Subflooring – The bottom-most foundational floor that provides structural support. Vinyl flooring can be applied over it directly or indirectly with the use of underlay.
  • Wear layer – Material that is layered over the top surface of vinyl flooring to provide increased resistance to wear and tear.
  • Backing – The bottom layer of vinyl flooring that impacts how it’s installed. Different backing materials include felt, vinyl, and fiberglass.
  • Adhesive – A bonding material used to attach vinyl flooring to the substrate.
  • Substrate – The smooth surface that the vinyl flooring is laid upon, such as wood, concrete, or underlay.
Why should I consider luxury vinyl flooring?
Luxury vinyl flooring offers you more options when it comes to styles and patterns. It is suitable for all rooms in the home, including bathrooms and wet rooms, kitchens. The realistic, homely design styles make it a great choice for general living and lounging areas too.


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