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Carpets have been a popular choice of home and commercial flooring for many years, and this is down to its durability, it’s low costs and the all round comfort and warm feeling the right carpet provides in any room.

Lee Chapel Floors have been delivering high quality carpet installation for over 15 years, supplying a range of carpets to suit any style or budget whether for home or for office.

View our Carpets catalogue below for inspiration and ideas – feel free to give us a call for any further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Kind of Carpet Should I be Looking For?
The most important thing is that you love the way your new carpet makes your home look and feel. Next is durability which depends on fibre type and construction but also yarn twist and pile density.
How Does Colour Affect Carpet Performance?
Lighter shades will show more soil and require more maintenance than darker colours. Multi-coloured and patterned carpet are especially effective in hiding soil and should be considered for high-traffic areas.
What Should I Know About Carpet Seams?
A seam may be required during the installation of carpet, depending on the dimensions of the room. Think of carpet as a piece of fabric that has to be cut to fit your unique space. Most often constructed in 4m or 5m width most larger or irregularly shaped rooms will require seams. The placement of seams is important, and most retailers will take care of this for you. If you’re concerned, speak to your retailer and ask to review the layout before the installation; they are often unaware of actual traffic patterns in the home and might unknowingly place a seam in a poor location. Whenever possible, keep them in less trafficked area. Generally, carpet seams are invisible after the installation. Nevertheless, you might not want to place them in highly visible areas. They should run perpendicular to windows to avoid reflecting light which can increase their visibility.
My Carpet Looks Like It's Shredding, Is This Normal?
Some shedding is to be expected after new carpet is installed. The loose fibres are easily removed with regular vacuuming. Shedding should not affect your carpet’s quality or performance and should diminish after a few week or months, depending on how often you vacuum.
What About That New Carpet Smell? Is It Dangerous?
The smell associated with new carpet is not dangerous and should dissipate within two to three days, if properly ventilated. Carpet is generally one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our home and should not be a concern for most people. If you are particularly sensitive, best to avoid the space until the odour has a chance to dissipate. Opening doors and windows to increase the amount of fresh air indoors will reduce exposure.


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